Recently I decided to add wordfence security. For those of you not familiar with this its a wordpress security plugin. I was astonished by the amount of data I got back from them. This plugin scans the website to check if there’s any threats. What it also provides is info on who’s trying to login to your website. I never realised how many attempts were being made to login to the website. The data also showed the username being used which was mostly “admin”  so I do hope people are changing their usernames.

Its made a huge difference in terms of me being more aware of website security and making sure that all my websites are safe from any hackers trying to get in. If I can give one bit of advise to everyone out there, always take security seriously.

Wordfence scans, detects, protects, blocks and repairs your website. Best of all its free. Although if you want more security features there’s a premium version as well.

To get  more detailed description of what their features are go to

This plugin is such a wonderful addition to my wordpress websites. Thank You Word fence for such a great product.

photo credit: Matteo Riva via flickr (License)