Happy 2016 World. With the new year comes new challenges. Most freelancers increase their price in the new year. Usually by 5% or 10% nothing so crazy that it affects their current clients to find a new freelancer. If you woke up in SA you would need to restructure your price according to the drop in the Rand. How does the Rand affect a freelancer most clients would ask?

Today I did my first web design proposal for the year and I was quite shocked at what the final price had come to. I’m sure my clients would be as well. We all know the rand is doing bad and for some of us we get our plugins and themes in Dollars ($). This tremendously effects the pricing and profit we might make. What are the alternatives, to cut out the good plugins and lower quality to maintain a decent price. Maybe code our own plugins, but lets face it if we could do a great job with it we would of already created our own line of plugins to sell online. So because of the additional features used in WordPress/Webdesign the increase is here to stay until the Rand can do better in the markets. Right now all I can do is try my best to give clients exactly what they require to help their companies grow.

The best way forward is to give a detailed pricing and explain to clients the reason for the price increase. Be open about the situation and try to find solutions according to their budgets.

I do hope the rand improves because it influences every aspect in SA. I hope my potential clients understand the reason behind the price increase and this article gives them a bit more insight into the world of a freelancer.