SEO is a way to make certain your website can be found in search engines by use of relevant words, terms and phrases associated with your business. Most web traffic for websites will probably come from one of the major search engines Google, Yahoo and bing. When this occurs your company needs to be ranked in the top 10 of these pages. If high ranked, users will have a better opportunity to go to your website. There are thousands of webpages selling the same product, but where your webpage gets ranked will be the difference between profits and closing shop. Everyone wants quick, easy and fast information and thus you find people will rarely go beyond the first page of Search Engine Results.

Behind the scenes of SEO – how search engine optimization works in getting ranked.

Search Bots will crawl the web and index all pages. Search Engines will then uses mathematical formulas to decide how relevant your content is to a particular search term.

What are the benefits of SEO to your business?

There are a number of advantages to your company for using SEO.

Increased Traffic –

SEO will aid your business in finding new customers. The higher ranked, the more customers will have an opportunity to view your website, buy your product or gain information about your company.

Enhance your Brand –

With increased traffic, your brand becomes known, and its also said that users tend to trust high ranked websites than those who are not. Being ranked high thus gives your business credibility. If users trust, your website, they are most likely to buy from it. This will in turn help build your business brand, more people will learn about your business and products.

Beat the competition –

With the vast majority of websites selling similar products, the only way to distinguish your brand from competitors would be getting ranked above them.  The higher your ranked the better chance your business has of gaining the customer. It gives your business the edge over competitors. Remember your webpage is open to business 24×7 so even while your business doors are closed the company will be making money.

How long does it take to get ranked on the first page ?

There are no easy ways to guarantee a timeframe for this as there are many different contributors. To get ranked in the top 10 and remain there, is an ongoing process. In my next article, I will discuss the process that needs to be 
implemented in order to help your website get ranked.