The below four steps will lead your website to SEO bliss. In order for SEO to be effective and great results to be seen four components need to be implemented. To get ranked in the top 10 of google these components need to be done correctly and carried out every day. Be weary, it will take a lot of hard work to implement.

Keywords Importance

Keyword research is the starting point of SEO. It is the foundation we build from and is one of the most important parts of getting ranked and to have an internet presence. In order to have a successful website, the correct keywords and phrases need to be used. This makes it possible for search engines to find your website.

How to find the correct Keywords?

With the vast amount of SEO tools for Keyword Research, choose one that is suitable and meets your requirements. I personally use Google Keywords Tool. Google keywords uses 3 important factors to help choose keywords – Relevance, Popularity, Competition. It helps find keyword ideas and also sorts information according to monthly search volumes.


Quality content is the best advise I can give to anyone starting a blog. Write articles that are relatable and also convey valuable information. Define your goals for the article, know your audience, product and keywords. Remember quality over quantity, writing one GREAT article that the audience love will get your website further in google rankings then writing 10 bad articles that no one reads.

Link Building

What exactly is link building – Quality website links across the web pointed to your site.
Links that go from another website to your website are called backlinks, and yes this is something Google bots love. Buildings these links help improve your page rank. In order to get links back to your website, write quality content that people want to share, Guest blog on reputable websites, write articles and submit it to directories.

On page optimization /Off page optimization

On page optimization is whats done on the webpages itself (e.g.| HTML markup, content) and off page optimization is what happens on the web (e.g.| Directory listing, link building)

On-Page SEO are as follows – Meta, ALT, H1, URL tags, Content, Keywords, Sitemaps

I hope this article was helpful. SEO is an ongoing practice, with hard work your website can reap the rewards of getting ranked in the top 10.