Black Hat Seo is a terminology used to describe techniques used to focus on search engines and not humans. In essence trying to get ranked high on google and ignoring your customers could get you penalised. Google has quite strict rules when it comes to getting ranked and will ensure that you do it the correct way. Be aware if google senses you using black hat seo it could ban your website from search engines.

Google rolled out Penguin 2.0 in May this year, the aim was to target websites that use manipulative tactics to rank higher in search engines. So if you have been using Black Hat methods watch out, the google bots will find you.

The following Black hat techniques should be avoided.

Keyword Stuffing

Keywords are a list of words used to inform search engines of the main focus of the page. – do not repeat keywords eg. Wedding dress, wedding car, wedding wedding wedding

Buy backlinks

Buying links can be an easy and quick way to get ranked on google, but with the introduction of Google Penguin, the algorithm has caught onto this and will penalize sites with questionable links. Link farming is used to increase the number or websites linked to yours so that you can get indexed higher. The more sites that link to yours the higher your ranking in search engines. This is considered a form of spam and google will not partake in this and will banish your website.

Duplicate content

Try to avoid duplicating existing content from other web pages, search engines will penalise websites that contain duplicate content.
Doorway Pages – In order to get indexed higher fake pages without any real content are created for search engines.