Every company needs a brand, its a way to identify your company, set you aside from your competitors.

Know your business

A successful brand knows exactly how they would like to be perceived in the world.
In order to create a great brand a clear idea of the companies vision is required. Knowing the objectives and audience that you are selling the brand to are the key factors that help create an identifiable brand.


Research plays a key role in identifying your market and what to create. Research your competitors, other brands and also research different design styles. This gives you a better understanding of the design process and what you might require. Use this phase as an opportunity to gather information of what you like.

Designing a logo to represent your brand.

A logo represents your business. Create a concept design that best represents the companies objectives. Choosing colors and design will help build your brand. Simple design works best. Never complicate any design, your brand should be easy to the eye, with colors that work well together. Create a byline that best suits your business. Then get ready for your brand to work for you.


Once you have your logo done, its time to get your brand out there. Marketing your services, via google, or local newspapers, bulletin boards online etc will help create and get your brand seen. Best way to get your brand out there would probably be blogging. Remember to include your logo on letterheads, business cards, email signatures or anything that is company related.

Hope this helps, creating a brand is not a hard process, it’s about getting your brand to be seen and recognised and associated with you, now thats the hard part. Market, Market, Market. But remember to always provide a good service or product.