How the Rand affects a freelancer

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Happy 2016 World. With the new year comes new challenges. Most freelancers increase their price in the new year. Usually by 5% or 10% nothing so crazy that it affects their current clients to find a new freelancer. If you woke up in SA you would need to restructure your price according to the drop in the Rand. How does […]

Is it okay to use a template and themes as a designer

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When I started wordpress I decided to dig into the code to learn how to create a theme. However after a year I stumpled upon the world of themes. All in different categories, more functions then I could create and basically depending on the theme, really good code. For me the idea initially using themes made me feel like I […]

Why use WordPress

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What is wordpress?

WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. It’s the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today. WordPress has evolved from just a blogging system and allows you to create fully functional websites. WordPress is open source and free from commercial restrictions and limitations. […]

WordPress Security

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Recently I decided to add wordfence security. For those of you not familiar with this its a wordpress security plugin. I was astonished by the amount of data I got back from them. This plugin scans the website to check if there’s any threats. What it also provides is info on who’s trying to login to your website. I never […]

Design Elite featured on SA OnlineCreatives

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I was very excited to get a tweet from SA Online creatives to ask me if I wanted to be featured on their blog. What a great opportunity for my brand and to have the opportunity to talk about all the knowledge I have gained as a entrepreneur. A special thanks to Njabulo Mbutho for writing […]

Benefits of Social Media

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Social Media is a platform to market your company. It increases exposure of your company and helps you gather a fan base to help promote and sell your products. Its broad reach will help you promote your service or product all over the world. Its a cost effective marketing opportunity. Social Media can bring remarkable success to your business. Facebook, […]

Why create a website

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Welcome to 2014, the new age of technology. Having a website is an effective way to communicate to the world. It is the new way the general public search for information and try to find a service and product.

Every business needs a website. Its a way for people to find you and contact you, see what product or services you […]

How to create effective Branding for your Business

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Every company needs a brand, its a way to identify your company, set you aside from your competitors.

Know your business

A successful brand knows exactly how they would like to be perceived in the world.
In order to create a great brand a clear idea of the companies vision is required. Knowing the objectives and audience that you are selling the brand […]

3 Ways to create a minimal, clean, Simply layout.

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Simple design is not a negative term. Actually anyone that can convey a message in the minimal way has got a good design. Design is a strong way to communicate. To be effective in this you would need to take into consideration usability, information and design and try to find the right balance between them. In the end a designer […]

WordPress 3.6 Finally here

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Matt Mullenweg WordPress co-founder announced the release of the latest version “Oscar“.
in honor of Canadian jazz pianist Oscar Peterson.

These are some of the updated features :

  • UI improvements on Navigation Menus
  • Screen Revisions revised to be more dynamic and scalable
  • Autosave and Post Locking
  • Preview Audio and Video on Media Edit Screen
  • In-line login following expired sessions

The post locking and auto save will definately be […]